We Are Orekan Studio

Designing the Future

As an architecture and interior design studio established in 2009, OREKAN has assembled a diverse team of professionals hailing from different cultural backgrounds. Rooted in Indonesia, OREKAN Studio embraces a global perspective and shares a common vision for a sustainable and better future for our planet.

Interior Design
Master Plan


We embrace a multi-faceted approach that encompasses inclusivity, locality, and compact to shape a better future through sustainable design. Let’s create purposeful spaces that leave a lasting positive impact on individuals, communities, and the world we share.

We Connect to Create

We Create to Connect


We consider the aspect of circulation in order to create accessibility, allowing individuals to easily reach all areas through inclusive pathways.


We consider the availability of local resources and materials to support local craftsmanship. Through collaborative relationships with other disciplines, we foster strong mutual connections.


We implement designs that respond to the surrounding environment and leverage technology to create and support livable spaces. Being energy-efficient and treating the Earth delicately, we are committed to creating spaces with minimal waste through modular design.