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Our Studio

As an architecture and interior design studio established in 2009, OREKAN has assembled a diverse team of professionals hailing from different cultural backgrounds. OREKAN Studio brings expertise in Architecture, Interior Design, Research, Commerce, and Art. Rooted in Indonesia, OREKAN Studio embraces a global perspective and shares a common vision for a sustainable and better future for our planet.

Our work serves as a testament to our commitment to sustainability, fuelling our ability to develop groundbreaking concepts, deliver significant benefits to the community, and consistently exceed client expectations across various sectors, including Leisure, Hospitality, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, and Health Facility.

"Bhumi" "Lokatara"

Within our company name, is to build our “Bhumi” to be “Lokatara” with responsible knowledge and experience to fit our client best needs. We concern our design and concept can handle a lot of issue about green and energy.

Our Clients

Our services cover all regions in Indonesia, starting from Sumatra, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali, NTB, NTT, Maluku and Papua Island.

Specialization Your Business
We focus on designing and developing captivating resort and tourism destinations.
We focus on creating memorable experiences through the design and development of hotels, villas, and apartment buildings.
We focus on functionality, safety, and efficiency to create improved environments in office, warehouse, and workshop buildings
We focus on creating accessible spaces while meeting the needs of businesses to enhance user experience in restaurants, mall, and showrooms.
We focus on creating an inviting atmosphere through compelling design and interior layouts for various types of personal retail projects.
Health Facility
We focus on creating relaxation spaces through prioritizing comfort and well-being in the design and development of clinic and hospital buildings.