Container Office Halmahera

This project is located in one of the mining areas in Halmahera. This building serves as an operational office. using containers that are arranged as the main structure and building material. In this building no additional structure is needed because the container is strong enough. on the interior walls used insulation layer treatment to maintain […]

Schott Iglarr Glass

This project is an interior design and build project in the lobby and barinstorming area of PT Schott Iglar Glass. The design concept of this project has a contemporary modern theme, the materials used are glass, wood, & stone, which are combined with bright colors to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere

Bina Pertiwi Warehouse

Project ini merupakan bangunan warehouse yang menggunakan container sebagai struktur utama. dan dilengkapi rangka baja, dan dinding sandwich panel. mempertimbangkan lokasi bangunan yang berada di area tambang, material yang digunakan merupakan material fabrikasi yang di produksi di kota, sehingga pada lokasi hanya akan ada pekerjaan perakitan dan finishing.

Container Quarantine Facility

This project is located in Halmahera, which is a Covid 19 quarantine facility in the mining area. The building is made up of 20 ft containers arranged with additional structures on the roof and circulation areas and balconies. there is a plaza in the middle of the configuration area, to make air circulation flow well […]

Office Container Halmahera

This project is a multifunctional building as an office on the ground floor, and a boarding house for mining company employees on the top floor. located in the mining area close to the forest, this building is made of 20 feet containers arranged to make it a semi-permanent building. The stacked containers are equipped with […]

Ekranoplan Workshop

This project has a function as a workshop for ekranoplan repair and maintenance at Mutiara Beach, Pluit. Using steel as the main structure, with a trapezoidal shape design, adopting the aerodynamic character of the ekranoplan.

FTI Activity Center

This building has a function as a center of activity for factory employees. There is a multifunctional sports field, gym, canteen, and a multifunctional hall. With an area of 70m x 20m, this building has an industrial design concept with the dominance of exposed materials such as concrete, steel, wood, & iron. combined with bright […]